Ready to invest in your brand? Change the world? Noreen loves helping other big-thinking scientists, trailblazers and entrepreneurs bring their visions to life by creating purpose-driven businesses and community-changing brands. As a successful small business owner herself, Noreen has years of experience to bring to clients and program participants.

With over 15 years of STEM, marketing and entrepreneurial experience, Noreen knows not only what it takes to survive, but also to thrive in business and in life. As one of the few female entrepreneurs in the science and technology space, Noreen’s knows the highs and lows of building a business: from launch to managing a growing team. As such, she’s become very tenacious and adept at handling all sorts of obstacles that come with running your own business and building a prominent brand, and now she wants to share that knowledge with you.

Do you have an innovative idea or skill? Are you ready to turn your genius into a profit? Let Noreen Raines help you discover your own unique formula of systems, strategies, and solutions for business success.

Services and Consulting

“PICK MY BRAIN” with Noreen!    ~ Please Email for Pricing

Get “on the fly” answers to all your burning questions on the topics that matter most: from starting your own business to balancing life, work, and everything in between. As an added bonus, the phone call with be recorded so clients never miss a thing!

Small Business Technology Assessment   $197

This is a service that allows participants to work with a seasoned business and branding expert to determine the tools needed to increase efficiency and success. By focusing on automation and technology systems, Noreen Raines first has a short 30-minute consultation with the client. Then the clients completes the “Workflow Assessment” Questionnaire and after the assessment and questionnaire are complete Noreen will return a full report with recommendations on ideas and technologies to implement.

SPOTLIGHT SESSIONS ~ Please Email for Pricing

Exclusive, one-on-one coaching for entrepreneurs at any stage. During the session Noreen will help clients investigate their “big why” and find that beautiful sweet spot that aligns personal passion with a stand-out brand. Additional sessions will guide clients in working through common business obstacles, such as differentiating the brand, setting goals and formulating action plans for success, and implementing automatable tools and processes to help the brand scale and grow.

In our one on one coaching session we will!

  • Investigate your “Big why? ”. Find the “sweet spot” that aligns your passion with your brand.
  • Differentiate your brand so your ideal client knows what problems you can solve for them.
  • Formulate an action plan to meet your “next level” goals.
  • Automate the processes and tools needed to serve your customers so you can do more of what you love.
  • Calculate projected profits from your products and services.

Package offerings:  [table?]

  • GLOW ~ 2 Session Hours
  • SHINE ~ 4 Session Hours + a 30 min bonus support call
  • BLAZE     ~ 6 Session Hours + two 30 minute bonus calls + 30 days email support

The BUSINESS LAB    ~ Please Email for Pricing

For those who want structured support, Noreen offers “The Business Lab,” an 8-week, small group intensive that combines Noreen’s one-on-one coaching methodology with project management support.