Nerdy Jobs: 21 Careers in Science and Technology that Make it Cool to Be Smart

Inspire a Future Scientist Today!

Have you asked your child or your student what they want to be when they grow up?

They are currently at the “Big Dreamer Age” so it’s important to cultivate these conversations early on. What YOU need to know while having these conversations with them is that STEM fields are the future.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.

To make this conversation FUN (and a lot easier for parents) this book includes ways to:

  • Teach your student the difference between a computer engineer and a computer scientist.

  • How to turn their love of animals into an amazing career in science…

  • Introduce them to the educational requirements for each career to guide them onto the right track NOW.

  • Help them answer the question, “If I am interested in a certain subject what jobs will I be good at?”

  • Delve deeper into the day-in-the-life of several of your favorite science and technology careers.

  • Find out how exactly a Nerdy Job is the New Cool.



Known by the brands and audiences that love her as Noreen “The Science Queen”, Noreen Raines is a distinguished scientist, educator, and entrepreneur. Noreen is most passionate and her personal mission is to encourage more children and young women to pursue science and STEM careers and to support the STEM professionals and entrepreneurs paving the way for them.  When not encouraging other scientists and future-entrepreneurs to think big, this busy mom-preneur continually fosters her own curiosity of life and learning with her four young children affectionately known as “The Raindrops” in their Atlanta, GA home.  You can invite Noreen to speak or learn more about the work that she is doing by visiting


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