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Nerdy Jobs: 21 careers in science and technology that make it cool to be smart

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Have you asked your child or your student what they want to be when they grow up? They are currently at the “Big Dreamer Age” so it’s important to be actively cultivating these kinds of conversations. What YOU need to know, while having these conversations with them, is that STEM fields are the future. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics. Target Audience- 3rd to 8th Grade students & Parents

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Sponsor a Classroom  

The classroom set includes 30 books and comes with companion teacher’s guide with discussion and activity guides to extend the learning. This guide includes cross curriculum learning activities that align with National Education Standards.

Magnify Your Genius                                   5 week live webinar course

The Magnify Your Genius Course is a group coaching course for woman who has wondered, “What do I want my life to look like?” and “How do I get to that place?”. In this course participants will learn how to create their own personal formula for life by discovering that “sweet spot” where passions and skill sets intersect. Once this “sweet spot” is identified, participants will create an action plan to “Magnify Their Genius” and turn their ideas into their best lives by creating more balance, more success, and more room to grow.

Monetize Your Genius                                              5 week live webinar course             

You’re brilliant; no two ways about it. And you have an amazing idea that excites you to your very core. But not every great idea or passion project turns into a successful business or major money maker. During this course award-winning CEO and entrepreneur, Noreen Raines, shares her best formulas for success, and best of all, shows you the step by step success strategies to turn your genius into a profit.

The Business Lab

The Business Lab is a structured program designed specifically for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to take their income goals to the next level. By helping participants develop sound business strategies, Noreen Raines provides the tools for continued success.

Beauty and Brains Network

The Beauty & Brains Network is a community for trailblazing women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Founded in [year] by leading scientist and entrepreneur, Noreen Rains, the Beauty and Brains seeks to connect like-minded women in these fields to empower one another to success in their careers while furthering the STEM cause. Interested in joining the movement? Click here to join the Beauty & Brains STEM Network Facebook group

Personal Branding Photoshoot Event

If you are going to build your brand and change the world, then you have to look good doing it, right? To empower others and make this photo shoots more economical, Noreen Raines hosts an event each year so all geniuses have a chance to let their lights shine through beautiful, professional photography for use on their websites or marketing collateral.

Next event coming February 2016

Formula for Success Coming soon

The “Formula for Success” workbook is designed to inspire audiences to be bold, amazing and authentically “you.” Includes an audio affirmations CD or download!

Workbook Download and Audio Affirmations CD

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